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To browse the websites of ICBC Bank and its affiliates, it is necessary to collect the electronic records left by you ("User") when using the websites ("Pages") of ICBC Bank, serving this "Cookies Policy" (“Policy”) to regulate in a simple, transparent and objective manner, what personal data and information will be obtained, as well as when they may be used.

This Policy applies to the pages related to all companies belonging to ICBC Bank. This Policy may be updated, at any time, by ICBC Bank, upon notice on its website containing the revision history.


Cookies are small text files generated, sent and stored on the user's computer. Having the function of identifying, tracking and storing data related to your Internet browsing.


ICBC Bank may collect the information actively entered by the user at the time of registration and together with the information that can be automatically collected when using the pages and the Internet, such as: identification of the commercial establishment used, IP with date and time of connection, among others.

Thus, there is the treatment of two categories of personal data: (i) those provided by the user; and (ii) those automatically collected.

(i)Information provided by the User: ICBC Bank collects information actively entered by the user on the pages, such as full name, e-mail, gender, date of birth, city and state, when filling out forms contained on the pages by the user. Based on the holder's consent, ICBC Bank will use this information to promote the dissemination of advertising material, promotions, discounts, events and loyalty programs, as well as to carry out a satisfaction survey.

(ii)Data collected automatically: ICBC Bank automatically collects a series of information, such as: characteristics of the access device, browser, IP (with date and time), IP origin, information about clicks, pages accessed, the following pages accessed after exit of the pages, or any search term typed in or in reference to the websites, among others. For such collection, ICBC Bank will use technologies, such as "cookies", which are used with the purpose of improving the user's browsing experience on the pages, according to their habits and preferences.


It is possible to disable, through the settings of your Internet browser, the automatic collection of information through some technologies, such as "cookies" and "caches". It is also possible to disable non-essential “cookies” through the Consent Preferences in the “banner” on the website. However, the user must be aware that, if these technologies are disabled, some features offered by the website, which depend on the processing of said data, may not work correctly.
The information collected may be shared by ICBC Bank with: (i) other partner companies, when necessary for the proper provision of the services object of its activities; (ii) to protect ICBC Bank's interests in any type of conflict; (iii) upon court decision or request from the competent authority.

Furthermore, we clarify that your information may be shared with companies that provide the technological and operational infrastructure necessary for ICBC Bank's activities, such as payment intermediaries and information storage service providers.
The user can make their requests related to their personal data through the e-mail, which will be dealt with respecting the respective deadlines established by the current legislation.

The information collected by ICBC Bank is intended to establish a contractual relationship or the management, administration, provision, expansion and development of pages for the user, adapting them to their preferences, as well as the creation of new services and products to be offered to users.
Based on the consent of the holder, the information collected may also be used for advertising purposes, such as sending information about ICBC Bank's brands, products, promotions and discounts, as well as the dissemination of events and loyalty programs, or to carry out a purchase satisfaction survey.
ICBC Bank may centralize the information collected on the pages, which may be used in pages and services related to ICBC Bank and its affiliates, respecting the purposes set forth herein and the user's consent.
Legal Base: In these cases, data processing is authorized by item I of article 7 of Law No. 13.709/2018, the General Data Protection Law ("General Data Protection Law - LGPD").

"Cookies" are files or information that can be stored on the user's devices when visiting the ICBC Bank pages. Generally, a “cookie” contains the name of the website that originated it, its lifetime and a value, which is randomly generated.

ICBC Bank uses “cookies” to facilitate the use and better adapt the pages to your interests and needs, as well as to compile information about the use of our websites and services, helping to improve their structures and their contents. "Cookies" can also be used to speed up your future activities and experiences on the pages.

Types of "Cookies": 

6.1 Essentials

"Cookies" help ICBC Bank to understand how users interact with ICBC Bank pages, providing information about the areas visited, the time of visit to the site and any problems encountered, such as error messages.

6.2 Performance and Functionality

They are used to remind the user and retrieve their settings or preferences (eg language) when the user returns to the ICBC Bank pages, in order to provide a more personalized experience. "Cookies" are not used to track the user when using other websites. "Cookies" are also used to measure the performance of pages and online services. ICBC Bank uses the information collected through "cookies" to improve its pages, as well as the products and services offered.

6.3 Analysis and Customization

They are used to register the ICBC Bank-related pages visited by the user to deliver personalized advertisements. The "cookies" used by ICBC Bank can be session-based or persistent. 

Session-based "cookies" in this case only last for the duration of the user's use when accessing an ICBC Bank website, while a persistent "cookie" remains on the hard drive (or local storage) of the user's device. A persistent "cookie" can help to recognize the user when he returns to the ICBC Bank pages and retrieves his settings or usage preferences.

After the user consents to the use of "cookies", when using the ICBC Bank pages, ICBC Bank will store a "cookie" on his device to remember his preferences in the future.

At any time, the user may revoke his consent to the use of “cookies” by ICBC Bank, and in this case, he must also delete the “cookies” from ICBC Bank's pages using the settings of his preferred browser. For more information on how to proceed with the management of "cookies" in some commonly used browsers, the user can consult the links below:

●Internet Explorer:
●Mozilla Firefox:
●Google Chrome:
Finally, we remind you that if the user does not accept the use of some types of "cookies" on the ICBC Bank pages, certain services may not work in a lesser way, as their operation depends on the collection of "cookies".


ICBC Bank is an economic group that works in partnership with several companies. In this way, you will be able to share the information collected through the pages, in the following cases:

(i) With other ICBC Bank companies, incorporated or operating in any country, which undertake to use the information for the same purposes indicated in this Policy;
(ii)With partner companies, for the development of ICBC Bank's commercial activities;
(iii)With partner companies that manage the ICBC Bank platforms;
(iv)To protect ICBC Bank's interests in any type of conflict, including lawsuits;
(v)In the case of corporate transactions and changes involving ICBC Bank, in which case the transfer of information will be necessary for the continuity of services; or
(vi)By court order or by request of administrative authorities that have legal competence for its request.


ICBC Bank will store the information collected on its pages on its own servers or those contracted by it.

ICBC Bank uses market and legally required mechanisms to preserve the security and privacy of the data collected on its pages. In this way, it adopts precautions such as:

i.ICBC Bank has protection against unauthorized access to its systems;

ii.ICBC Bank only authorizes the access of previously established people to the place where the collected information is stored;

iii.Those who come into contact with user information must undertake to maintain strict confidentiality. The breach of confidentiality will result in civil liability and the plaintiff will be duly held responsible in accordance with Brazilian law.
ICBC Bank adopts the best efforts, compatible with the best market practices, in order to preserve the privacy and security of users' personal data. However, no site is completely secure and ICBC Bank cannot fully guarantee that all information that travels on the pages is not subject to unauthorized access perpetrated through methods developed to obtain information improperly, even if preventive measures are taken by the ICBC Bank. For this reason, we encourage users to take appropriate steps to protect themselves, such as: keeping all usernames and passwords confidential.


The information collected by ICBC Bank through the pages will be automatically deleted from its servers when they are no longer useful for the purposes for which they were collected, or when the user requests the deletion of their personal data, except in cases where there is any obligation legal or regulatory or for the regular exercise of rights, respecting the principles of data processing.


For matters related to the processing of Personal Data, we have a specific team for the development of the culture of privacy at ICBC Bank.
Contact email:
In case of doubts with this policy or any questions related to the processing of personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us.