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Settlement Product

I. Current Account - Corporate
Corporate Current Account is the banking account opened in the name of the corporation, which can be used on transfer, settlement, loan, ect., on a daily basis..

i. Customer Registration Form - Corporate;
ii. Signature Card;
iii. Opening Agreement - Corporate;
iv. CNPJ Card;
v. Corporation Bylaws and the Amendments (if any);
vi. Equity Structure;
vii. Board Meeting Minute - Election of Officers;
viii. Board Meeting Minute - Election of Directors;
viiii. Attorney duly empowered to sign loans, and authorize representatives, agents or representatives to move resources;
x. Copies of ID Card, CPF Card and Proofs of Address of the Officers and Attorney;
xi. Annual financial statements of the last 3 years, plus the most recent financial statement (semi-annual or quarterly).
xii. FATCA Self Declaration

II. Funding Transfer
ICBC Brazil has been a formal member of Brazilian national real-time payment system (SPB), which can provide to our customers safe, convenient and fast funding transfer. Our customers can use TED transfer (Real-time), and DOC/Boleto (T+1 day) for receipt and payment.  

III. International Remittances
During import or export, use this service when you receive or send remittance on the goods, capital funds, dividends, commissions or any fees through T/T.

IV. Letter of Credit (Import)
If the importer agreed with the exporter to settle by letter of credit, then based on importer’s instruction, ICBC can issue a letter of credit to the exporter. Upon receiving the complied documents, ICBC will release the payment at sight or at the maturity date. In this way, ICBC assumes the obligation to pay the exporter, which will help the importer to conclude the transaction.

V. Letter of Credit (Export)
ICBC can act as the advising bank of a letter of credit. Upon receiving the letter of credit, ICBC can inform the exporter about the details of the letter of credit by e-mail or fax, then formally deliver the letter of credit to the exporter.

VI. Documentary Collection (Export)
Under a documentary collection, ICBC can act as the remitting bank sending documents to the collecting bank, then receive the payment or acceptance from the collecting bank on behalf of the exporter. The global network of ICBC’s corresponding banks will assist the exporter to receive the payment safely.

VII. Documentary Collection (Import)
Under a documentary collection, ICBC can act as the collectiing bank receiving documents from the remitting bank, then release the documents to the importer upon their payment or acceptance of the documents.