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Financing Products

I. Working capital loan
ICBC Brazil can provide its customers with working capital loan in brazilian Reais, which can meet customers’ liquidity needs.

II. Project loan
This is a loan for investment in overseas natural resources, together with insurance, third-party guarantee to increase credibility. Sectors such as oil, natural gas, non-ferrous metal (copper, aluminum, nickel, zinc, gold), iron, coal, electricity and transportation, huge investment, long buy-back periods, Chinese companies are the contractors or project shareholders.
Project loan can be provided for the client's investments in fixed assets. The project loan generally has a long-term tenor and a flexible repayment. ICBC Brazil can set up a grace period for the loan, only interest should be repaied during the grace period.  

III. Commodity finance
Commodity financing is a structured short-term credit facility provided by ICBC Brazil secured by borrower's legally-owned stockpile, inventory or account receivables.

The loan is based on the prices of commodity instead of relying on the borrower's creditworthiness. A wide range of commodity can be used as pledge. No transfer on the ownership of commodity, business can be run as usual. Two loan options: static or dynamic, for companies to manufacture or sell goods.

IV. Natural Resource-Backed Structured Finance
The arrangement of a loan using structured finance based on the long-term sales and purchase contract of natural resource products concluded between overseas borrower and domestic companies. The borrower's future sales revenue stated in the sales and purchase contract is used as the primary source to repay the loan.

V. Export Credit
To support and expand the exportation of Chinese heavy equipment and other products, ICBC Brazil can provide loans to Chinese exporter or to their importer through its global platform. Export Credit includes Export Credit(Buyer) and Export Credit(seller).

i. Export Credit (Buyer)
ICBC Brazil offers FX loans of mid-to-long term to overseas borrower under the credit guarantee by Export & Credit Insurance Corporation. The loan is used to pay Chinese companies either for goods or technology, labor or engineering contract. Generally the loan is up to 85% of the amount stated in the commercial contract or subcontract.

The Exporter/contractor is certified by Chinese government to export or bid engineering contracts has the capacity to fulfill the commercial contract. Export goods and services are within the range supported by export credit for buyer.

ii.Export Credit (Seller)
Exporter enters a commercial contract with overseas importer/principal with deferred payment . ICBC Brazil offers loans of mid-to-long term to exporter/contractor under the insurance provided by Export & Credit Insurance Corporation. The loan is used as the capital during execution of the project. Generally the loan is up to 85% of the amount stated in the commercial contract or subcontract.

VI. M&A Loan 
To support Chinese company for their overseas acquisition, ICBC Brazil can provide the M&A Loan through its global platform. The M&A Loan is a loan for the acquiring company to pay for the acquisition or a bridge loan during the acquisition process.

VII. Short-term export financing (ACC/ACE)
ACC/ACE is designed for Brazilian exporter. Libor will be used as the interest rate and the payment to exporter is in brazilian Reais. Exporter will utilize the Reais to prepare their exportation.The repayment will be the export’s receivables in USD after the borrowers’ exportation.

The Libor will be quoted as the interest rate which price is much more competitive than Brazilian Reais. The borrower will not bear the FX risk.

ACC should be applied before the shipment of the exporting products,the tenor would be up to 360 days

ACE should be applied after the shipment of the exporting products,the tenor would be up to 180 days

VIII. Import Financing:FINIMP
FINIMP is designed to support the Brazilian importers for importing products from abroad. The importers can apply ICBC Brazil for FINIMP after signing import contracts with exporters. ICBC Brazil will pay directly in USD to foreign exporters. When the loan expires, the Brazilian importer will pay ICBC Brazil back in Brazilian Reais.

IX. Factoring、Forfaiting and other discount operations
ICBC Brazil can provide their clients with Factoring、Forfaiting and other discount operations to help clients collect their accounts receivable in advance and improve their cash flow performance.

X. Overseas loan with domestic guarantee
Based on the guarantee issued by Chinese financial institution, ICBC Brazil can provide Reais loan for clients in Brazil. 

XI. Guarantee
Depending on the clients’ request, ICBC Brazil can issue or reissue performance guarantee, payment guarantee, pre-payment guarantee, bid guarantee etc.